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2011-03-06 04:21:09 by linez


[11:30:20 PM] Cajete: now shut the fuck *BLOOOOOACKKKKEDDDDD*
[11:30:28 PM] linezo: WOW
[3/3/2011 11:32:18 PM] bigbadlejin: UNBLOCK LEJIN!!!
[3/3/2011 11:32:21 PM] bigbadlejin: dont be a pussy
[3/3/2011 11:32:24 PM] bigbadlejin: LMFAO!
[3/3/2011 11:32:29 PM] linezo: N***A CRYING
[3/3/2011 11:32:31 PM] linezo: LMAO
[3/3/2011 11:32:34 PM] bigbadlejin: HAHAHAHA
[3/3/2011 11:32:47 PM] linezo: AND HE BLOCKED ME
[3/3/2011 11:32:50 PM] linezo: LMAO
[3/3/2011 11:32:52 PM] bigbadlejin: LMFAO!!!



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2011-03-07 20:21:17

LMAO @ the video being private


2011-03-08 12:58:56

LMAO! you got my address.. come fuck me up u aint bout shit hahahaha

#All talk, No Walk ass n***a


2011-03-08 14:19:32

LMAO april's gonna come and you STILL ain't gonna do shit.. you milk & cookies soft rakoon... Your not even 18 yet lil n***a, stop trynna talk grown on the internet little boy.


2011-03-08 19:09:44

He got pressed kinda hard by that n***a mercury


2011-03-08 19:12:45

by the softest n***as huh? got it nigguh


2011-03-08 19:28:25

Nah merd not u, we talkin bout them weaklings who was hiding behind you ma n***a


2011-03-08 19:47:31

lol, rak u gotta a mouth homie, a simple i wasnt talkin bout u was good, talkin feelings, funny bro, dont get sideways with me homie.


2011-03-08 20:19:15

lol this shit is brazy fun


2011-03-08 20:19:53

I know LMFAO


2011-03-08 20:24:07

hands? got it, u only a hr away.


2011-03-08 20:55:19

i got the rest of the week, pm me your number, ill come thru right now


2011-03-08 22:32:33

so where that number at babyface?

linez responds:

shut the fuck up cajete moved idiot


2011-03-08 22:41:49

Trying to be a part of the beef? LMAO To what end? Nah, I was laughing at the fact that the video had to be taken down for whatever reason. I really wanted to see it before it got banned or whatever.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

linez responds:

cajete blocked the video cause he knows what time it is. He dont want it


2011-03-08 22:51:00

nah im just tired of weak n***as with no style tryna style on real n***as, shit's corny. he shouldn't be provoking shit if he ain't bout it.

linez responds:

little nigga if you aint about shit then why you bother talking shit on the net when you afraid to get hit by a hallow. Atleast that nigga lej laughed while he was shot in that whip.


2011-03-08 22:56:22

@SoundGoodizer you referring to Rak? It's kinda funny how people watch from the sidelines to see how it all plays out, but they want to drag everyone else into it. Shit just ain't interesting to me. I'm about my music, so this side beef shit is just entertainment on this website IMO.

linez responds:

let em know nimbus we above the sucka shit


2011-03-08 23:17:58

I ain't tryna travel all the way to NY at the moment, but if he came down here I'd be happy to show him some real shit. He just needs to quit talking about how he be out there then go hush when someone asks him for the proof. that's all. I'm tryna stick to my music and keep it peaceful but n***as keep making me feel grimey and shit.

linez responds:

shut the fuck up sound u a bitch! you aint shit pussy ill get lej to let me hold one of them m16's and ill make a southern swisscheese wigga out of you. go back to sucking cajete's pussy you little niggas aint up to par wit me or nimbus level dont get stupid go back to playing pokemon and warcraft you bitch ass nerds.


2011-03-08 23:54:01

come down here with that m16 n***a, you don't know what the fuck is up till you get fucked up I guess. you act like im some white boy in the suburbs you needa drop that assumption shit before you get killed for lacking gumption n***a.

linez responds:

nigga u need a dictionary wtf is guntion you stupid imbred idiot. who tha fuck lied to u. son come through heres the address: castle hill ave by the 6 train give me the hands and then ill gile you a kal in your mouth and we can call it a day ok bitch. you aint shit but a bitch hahaha pussy now do something DO SOMETHING


2011-03-09 02:14:40

He wont do a thing. He a harmless computer thug. You ROF types are too tough for the likes if him.

linez responds:

Im still wondering what the fuck this little droppout nigga was thinking when said guntion lol little nigga slow as fuck


2011-03-09 07:11:48

Gumption means balls or guts. Intestinal fortitude means the same. Basically, you don't have the balls. As for saying people ain't on my level, I ain't even in the same category with y'all man. Like Sound said, I'm just trying to keep it peaceful. If kats on here got friendships with Cajete and Rav, it's none of my concern anyway. I'm cool with Cajete because he never got sideways with me. I'm cool with Frank because he never got sideways with me. He ALMOST did on Twitter thinking Sound was me, but that shit got cleared up. I'm cool with you Linez because you never got sideways with me. I'm cool with KillBill because he never got sideways with me. Fuck it, I'm cool with Sound because he never got sideways with me, and because he's got gumption lol.

Now, because you beefin' with Bill and Cajete, am I going to jump right in it and say those are my guys leave 'em alone? Nah. Why? Because in a month this shit will all blow over. It happened with everyone y'all beefed with. This shit is entertainment on here, like a soap opera lol. People keep watching seeing what the next episode has.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

linez responds:

sound aint got shit you trying to cheer up this pusy hole right now hahaha. its doesnt blow over. muther fuckers just end up surrendering while a nigga gets called a bully for winning. you and I both know who im talking about.


2011-03-09 14:00:42

I came on Linezo's page because I got no beef with Linez. I saw the video and tried to play it, but it wouldn't play. So I left a comment on it. Then Rak asked why I even commented. So I responded. So, Rav, this is why I even decided to leave a comment on here lol. No, I'm not even close to being involved in this beef. I could care less about it, but it was funny how all of a sudden the video wouldn't play at all lol.

linez responds:

cajete took it down. he scared to death after they flashed ratchets on him.


2011-03-09 17:28:59

Man, I don't give a damn about the shit talking. I wanted to see the video. Now I can't. It's that simple. I laughed at the fact that I couldn't watch it. Period. LOL Damn y'all.

linez responds:

cajete too it down. thats all that happened. he scared


2011-03-09 17:38:45

no one asked for my address but I gave it to frank anyways, I wanna see what's up. you heard frank "no one even know's who he is," that's why you n***as even considering talking that gun shit, come see what's really really good. you got my block, but don't bring the bloods with you, I live in a crip hood they'll get shot if they were just peacefully driving thru. oh and read a book n***a, damn. gumption, really? smh you n***as frauds and retards.

linez responds:

shut the fuck up bitch you didnt give me shit


2011-03-10 00:23:50

There's "gangstas" in Texas? o_O

Coming from the Bronx, when you think Texas, you'd think border patrol, confederate red-necks, and farms. I don't know, but I think I'm missing out on something. Dead as though, if you from NYC, you know damn right you don't want to go to no fucked up state like Texas.

Ohh.. And where DJ SES come from? Is he even in this beef? lol

SoundGoodizer...? Who is that guy? I never heard of em. Is he in this beef also? He seems to have given Frank his address and admits that Frank never asked for it. I don't know, but it seems like he wants to be part of the beef.

I like how Mseemercury was quick to defend his name and reputation, then proceed to follow on with Frank's invitation. (The one that Sound didn't get.)

NimbusTheGeneral... LOL. I got nothing to say about em', he's dead as JUST THERE wanting to know about the video. lol

I don't understand that shit about Cajete repping Florida like it's some tough city like the Bronx?

I moved to Florida recently, and I ain't in some white populated area. I dead haven't met ONE N***A whose tough down here. I met a few people from NY, they seem to be the toughest dudes with that city mentality. I don't know about Miami, but I'm around Central Florida, Orlando/Kissimmee. That's some diverse area, got the same type of people from the Bronx, big Spanish community. I'm a bit confused to see that Cajete is reppin' Florida like it's some kind of hood. I'M FROM THE BRONX, YOU, LINEZ, ARE FROM THE BRONX. You know what the hood is... I'm telling you as a n***a who moved to Florida and startin' they life here. Florida is not hood, nothing tough about it. Florida does not compare to the Bronx. I love the Bronx, all my peoples from there n' shit.

This is a message straight to Linez, if you feel some type of way about it, too bad. I'm just stating my opinions and asking a few questions. I'm keepin' it 100. R.O.F.

It's only the truth.

Ohh, and Rav. LOL

Don't talk about shootin' a fair one to someone from the U.S. if you're from England. Who the hell wants to go England to fight somebody... Be serious. You know damn right you can toss your immigrant address around because you in some whole different country. (Unless I've been misinformed.)

linez responds:

nah you right MPZ thats the dead ass truth that you just said! lmfao rav is like 20 pouunds talking shit from england talkin sum blood shit when he already told Lejin he aint blood. a blood in englad LMFAO!!!

Cajete not safe from his own neighbors down there and them niggas aint as hard as NEW YORK NIGGAS!


2011-03-10 01:46:52

@mpz, it's soundgoodizer,

I was born in hollis queens n***a, raised there till 7. I've seen the hood and down in the deep south cities in texas, screwston for example you'd get your ass dropped in a second talking slick bout' your new york hoods . I don't know why n***as so quick to assume shit bout other n***as, I got guns. I ain't stupid enough to make youtube videos bout them' but I got em. I gave frank my address because I want these n***as to come see a real hood, and see a real n***a in his natural habitat strapped. If I had a reason to go to NY I wouldn't hesitate to swing by the BX and stomp franks little chubby faced ass out quick, linez's out of shape ass too. If you've seen the shit I've seen you ain't scared of n***as talking bout how they be putting in work but have the time to 0 bomb the same songs everyday, and play computer games, and favorite cartoon porn pictures on newgrounds (lejin), go listen to lej's old shit and hear the contrast, he can claim he as hard as he want's, rolling with a gangs so easy n***a. you in a gang the second you leave your house round here wearing a certain color. I only took the time to write this shit to educate you n***as, right now shit's chill. You can make a new song directed at whoever and catch a retaliation or shit can stand still, the balls in your court. I would love for you n***as to come after me, with your wack bars, quality and mixing, shit'd be a breeze to dismantle. on you now. and why you banning my comments linez? you got to much corny shit to say after you looked stupid for not knowing a simple ass word? get your fat ass to stop diving on the couch and dive into a book.


2011-03-11 13:35:48

Lmao... Since u were 7... ma n***ah.. we was born and raised there. til i was 19. and i am still 19. Fuck ya 7 year pathetic life. Lmao. Get mad. Ill catch ya in the NGHH2011 Comp. FINIISH YA VERSE N***AH! ITS NOT THAT HARD. Btw... i hope u get past wyze... he'll prolly waste u man.... LMAO!


2011-03-11 17:01:26

Listen uh... white, comound gargler. Queens n***as dont get it in like the BX. You was "in queens" until seven you said ra? you dont even remember what that burough looks like stupid ass LMFAO. You sound like one of them stupid n***as that spend too much time on he internet and start having hallusinations of thinking your something u saw on tv or sum dumb shit b. Now you wanna talk this texas shit like you gang bangen but the only thing you banging is your keyboard for some recognition that you never get offline or online. Son you aint got no guns... like you need to really stop trying to be everyone you see or hear about that you think is cool. Your not me... we flashed a M16 sudenly you think your me like you have gangbangers guns money and bitches... son. Listen yourself you sound real special ed right now LMFAO!

Ask yourself why the little pussy boy took the video down? Something fushy going on ra? what about why im still number 1 artist and still a vital part of Real Over Fake? what about why you got some nervous bipolar in ya ear contantly telling u to hit a n***a wit some zero votes like you killing something? looool? Son... who lied to you? We STILL getting money We STILL got the STREETS we STILL got fans we STILL get bitches we STILL the hardest image on here We STILL RUNNING SHIT!!!!

but you? you just nothing trying to be something against n***as that is doing it too big for you to fuck wit. you think u got big keyboards ra? but guess what... psst, we got bigger GUNS!

wtf can you educate anyone with? you cant fool us baby boy we from the streets but maybe you can fool someone who is clueless about street shit like little rav u dig?

Im a G. you dont know who you talking to little n***a. stay in ya lane or get put in ya place. its amazing how brave little kids like you get on the computers. so bold to say things you would never dream of saying to a real n***a like me face to face. you would lose your little life son. you dont know son. N***as will do you dirty son and you can vote zero day n night but its not gonna make you anything but angry. them scores reflect how upset each track makes you. see i had to school u on that cause we obviously on a higher level of respect from the streets to the prison yards. you think u hold waight on the net though?... son u dont even know howmany n***as i move when i say move. Its not funny trust me.


linez responds:

white compound garggler... lol


2011-09-09 02:00:21

-__- smh linez ppl get mad foe being exposed


2012-08-22 18:30:36

looks like Lejin won....::yawn::.... again.